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One of the best Soul DJs coming from the 80s Mod scene. He has Dj'ed in clubs and weekenders as 100 Club, Clethorpes Weekender, Tretham Gardens, Mars Barr, R&B allnighters in Stoke, S.O.U.L. or at Floorshaker Barcelona. Runs long standing Mod/Soul club in England 'ALMOST GROWN' for over 10 years, being also involved in the Rhythm & Soul Set Organisation. From 1995 he runs his own record store, Hip City Records, specialized in Northern Soul, R&B and mod sounds (Eduardo Domingo).

'I like performing. You get a buzz from being a different character. I'm always performing, even when DJing. People said on a regualr basis when I was a nipper "you should be on stage" but I left it late to study "the craft".
I'm an old mod and have DJed on the mod scene & northern soul scene. I was born in '67 and always had a passion for everything 60's - clothes, music, scooters, cars, films etc. It is the golden era. I've DJ'ed all over the UK (except Ireland - come on you guys - book me) and also in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Holland, Italy, Austria & Sweden. I currently run a club in Southend on sea, Essex called Almost Grown. I love to travel. Been to the above countries plus all over the USA. Into 60's soul, northern soul, Tamla Motown, Ska & rocksteady. I love to dance. Nothing holds me back when I hear "that beatin rhythm" as Richard Temple once sang. I have a wonderful wife and a lovely son.'

Top 5:

Ree Flores: Look into my heart (MH)
Ray Medina: Heads head (Mares)
Houston Outlaws: Ain’t no telling (Westbound)
Jimmy Phillips: She belongs to me (Bumps)
King Coleman: Black bottom blues (Columbia)