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Since the early 80s Paul Newman has championed the authentic R&B sounds through playing in such London bands as Jukes, The Clique and then on to The Fyxed , Voodoo Boiler, and Knave. Whilst playing in bands he has djed in R&B clubs alongside Paul Hallam, Toski, Big Bob,Thierry Steuve, Gav Evans & Vic Ranger and countless others throughout the years. He currently runs a monthly Rythm & Soul night in Perpignan, as well as blowin’ Sonny Boy tunes on harp in local bars.

Don't expect to hear the latest in demand scene dance floor fillers, he probably hasn’t got them; expect to hear big hits and rarities, because hes gonna put his own brand of R&B on you!


Desde los primeros 80, Paul Newman ha liderado el auténtico sonido R&B tocando en bandas como Jukes, The Clique, The Fyxed, Voodoo Boiler y The Knave. Además, desde hace años viene poniendo sus discos en diversos clubes de R&B junto a gente como Paul Hallam, Toski, Big Bob, Thierry Steuve, Gav Evans o Vic Ranger, entre muchos otros. Actualmente organiza un club mensual de Rythm & Soul en Perpignan

No esperéis escucharle pinchar los discos que estén últimamente más de moda y en demanda, probablemente no los tenga… esperad escuchar temazos y rarezas, simplemente su propia marca de R&B!

Top 5:

Íke Turner: She made my blood (King 45)
John Lee Hooker: Goin’ upstairs (Veejay 45)
Arthur Alexander: Baby bay (Dot 45)
Billy Stewart: The scramble (Chess 45)
Bobby Marchan: Funny style (Dial 45)