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(Hamburg, GER)

Started as a Radioactive Psychobilly Kid way back in the mid Eighties, Captain Vics Recordmachine is now in his second decade of spinning 45s only for nonstop Dance Amusement. With a deep feel for Rockin and Electric Blues he is mixing a wide range of 50s and 60s Movers, from Bop to Watusi, from Cajun to Exotica, from Little Walter to Gene Vincent. He is a long time Rockin Events Promoter in Hamburg as well, used to run the Thunder’n’Lightning RocknRoll Club Hamburg with his best known Party Series: The Rock-A-Billy Allinighter. Put shows together for more than a hundred of bands and DJs from all round the globe. His latest Attraction is the Delinquent Beats Night, combining a Sixties RnB+Soul Floor with a 50s RnR, Blues and Rockabilly Floor for pleasing both: Shakers and Boppers! Amongst his DJ References you’ll find spots and parties like 20 Flight Rock, Big B Jamboree, Hot Rod Decandence, Wildcat Night, Mc Cormacks Ballroom, 12/10 Stuttgart and Hangar Rockin. Dont miss him if you really dig savage Rhythms!

Top 5:

The Fabulous Gardenias: What’s the matter with me (Liz)
Pearl Woods: Slippin’ Sorrow (Charge)
Froggy Landers and the Cough Drops: River Rock (Ensign)
Jimmy Vick and the Victors: Take a trip (Cherry)
Little Luther: Du Dee Squat (Criss Cross)